A Numbers Game And Your Value In A Free Dating Market

Geplaatst op 01-03-2023

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When it comes to finding dates via free online dating sites – you have to be aware of a few basic principles… The reality is that as a guy on a dating site you have a lot of trust building to do before you blast your cell phone number out their.

On a site like oasis active you actually have to send out a friend request and then it has to be accepted by the person you sent it to. So unlike plenty of fish, Loveawake is actually more like real life…

It’s harder to make that initial connection but once you have it you can really start to get to know them very well. You area able to chat live within the site which you cannot do on plenty of fish.com

You are also able to send gifts and flirts to get attention…

The trick with Loveawake and any other free dating site for that matte is to pick a number of singles that you are interested in going on a date with and contact them all… Play the numbers game and don’t expect that they will all reply…

Also be persistent, they might think you are another weirdo trying to get into their pants… Send another flirt and another email message suggesting that they get in touch… Just because the well crafted introductory email flopped doesn’t mean the second or third will.

Follow up emails don’t suggest desperation – they suggest that you are actually interested in getting to know them. In time they will get back to you.

Once the contact has been initiated play it slow!

Send them an initial email and WAIT – give them at least a few days before you follow up with another

Hello here is my phone number… please ring me (don’t say this)

When you are using free online dating sites you have to be prepared to be very thick skinned. Users might say nasty things to you and your profile.

You might get the odd ill tempered sexually frustrated single sending you weird messages. Thanks to flagging and anti spam functions you should be able to block members from contacting you.

If you’re a female on say plenty offish.com you might receive the odd nude photo… This can be rather alarming when you first get it…

Completely out of the blue some guy sends you a picture of himself posing nude. Once again if your not interested block him from contacting you.

Despite the free online dating myth there are a TON of great guys and girls online looking for SERIOUS love. Most of the women are looking for a guy that really gets them and doesn’t just want to have sex…

They are looking for some sort of long term relationship. So as a guy (who wants the same) how do you bust through the stereotypes and not get grouped in with all of the other sex crazed teens? How do you let women know that you are a safe loyal and respectable guy when there are soooo many guys online that are the exact opposite?

I mean you have to realise that women (especially the hot ones) are getting BOMBARDED with messages on a daily basis… the emails will be short and action orientated and there will either be a picture or a phone number attached.

These emails will never build trust and talk about common interests first but go straight for the “lets meet up” end target in mind.

So how do you differentiate yourself online from rude obnoxious and generally shallow guys? Guys that are able to superficially display a big game but have little to back it up?

Well your best bet is to actually NOT use online dating sites at all – I know that is not the anwser you wanted but it’s so easy to lie and deceive on line unless there is some sort of direct face book integration sync. You can be anyone in an online dating profile which is why very often people are much different than in real life.

Guys who really have something going for them “should” be able to bust through the clutter offline… you do this by showing some sort of authority and confidence (whether it be through sport, work or any sort of title)

It’s just tough to not be thrown in with everybody else online because the real strength of online dating is that it’s an open market…

For guys that would call themselves a “good catch” – high paying job, laid back personality, easy to approach and converse with, well kept, athletic etc. Free online dating really is not a great option. If you think your in the good catch category then perhaps using a higher end site such as vip singles could work for you.

Because free online dating is a free market there are no constraints and social constructs in place… This is what makes it such an amazing tool for finding singles!

BUT if you happen to be at the higher end of the social ladder it can be harder and harder to find someone that suits your personality and goals in life.

I’m not suggesting free online dating sites are built for the masses – I’m just saying that you should give offline dating a good hack before resorting to it. EHarmony, Chemistry, Match Affinity, Yahoo personals and all of the other plethora of paid sites are going to give you a better chance at finding love.